Portfolio Management

We provide iA Private Wealth Investment Advisors with value-added fixed-income solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Customized bond portfolios for your valued clients

Take advantage of our in-house expertise to offer clients a fixed-income portfolio that meets the specific requirements of their unique circumstances.

Key benefits

  • Bespoke portfolios of individual securities are an attractive – and in most cases superior – alternative to GICs, bond funds and ETFs
  • Leveraging the portfolio management expertise of a proven fixed-income professional with almost 25 years of experience will free up more time to spend on servicing clients and growing your business
  • Our unique products and solutions, including customized bond ladders and retirement savings bonds, provide clients with otherwise inaccessible options and enhance your value proposition

Our team

Christian Pouliot<br> MBA, CFA, CTP

Christian Pouliot

Head of Fixed Income Investments & Financing Solutions