Yves Therrien

Yves joined the firm in 2012 and has over 30 years of experience in capital markets. As head of the bond desk, he oversees a team of traders and is responsible for ensuring that the desk adheres to its risk parameters and compliance requirements. Yves is also responsible for advising senior management on all matters relating to the desk’s activities.

In addition to his managerial role, Yves actively trades bonds for institutional clients and internal retail advisors across a variety of sectors, including REITs, oil and gas, telecommunications, infrastructure and retail.

Before joining iA Capital Markets, Yves spent 10 years as head of the fixed income division at Penson Financial Services. Prior to that, he was an accountant and bond trader at a boutique firm based in Montreal.

Yves studied accounting at the University of Montreal.

Yves Therrien

Managing Director, Head of Fixed Income